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Our Unique Story


Blue Is Better

Blue Stone Therapy was founded by an owner and operator of senior living care centers who saw that his contracted therapy providers weren’t truly invested in the success of his communities. Frustrated by limited staffing, poor integration, and minimal services, he had a vision to build a contract therapy company that was far superior. Today, Blue Stone Therapy is a family enterprise where Doug and Theresa Johnson lead with their passion for seniors and Midwestern ideals. Doug brings his valuable perspective and expertise as a seasoned senior living owner/operator and Theresa is a veteran occupational therapist with vast clinical and operational knowledge. This dynamic combination means our partners can trust that we care about their success as much as our own. There is no doubt, we are stronger together!

From the beginning, we were created with the sole purpose of enhancing the lives of seniors and the communities where they live. Our goal is to be integrated so closely with our partners that we operate like their own in-house therapy teams. Over the years, we have become known for our high standards of quality care and exceptional outcomes. We are also committed to assisting our partners to improve their quality measures and grow their top and bottom-line revenue. We believe our partners deserve a contract rehabilitation services provider who truly sees how each community and resident is unique. We have the resources of a large national chain but unlike them, we customize our offerings to meet your community’s specific needs and challenges.

At Blue Stone Therapy, our success over the years has come from staying true to our culture. The dedication of our well-trained therapists has made us both the provider and the employer of choice. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our seniors and live our purpose of Building Strength to Enhance Lives.

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