Cutting-Edge Rehabilitation Technologies are here at Blue Stone Therapy


We understand Skilled Nursing Facilities today are faced with a variety of challenges including increased regulation and administrative requirements, federal and state reduction of payment and marketing tools to grow census.

Blue Stone Therapy is the only contract therapy provider to offer new technologies to address the challenges facilities face today. Because we are the leading specialist in SNF therapy services, we understand how accurate assessments can impact patient success and how outcomes data can benefit the facility. 

This exclusive technology captures measurements in real-time and allows us to evaluate balance, gait, perform functional assessments and perform biofeedback training.  Tests and evaluations eliminate subjective rater interpretation and produce accurate data that is added to the patient record in our EMR. 

Healthcare facilities are using our technologies for the following applications:

  • Prevent falls before they happen
  • Use valuable outcomes data with bundled payments and ACO groups
  • Provide screenings for members of the community
  • Quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI)
  • Compliment other clinical programs already in place like: Falls Prevention & Incontinence Programming
  • Identify additional outpatient therapy opportunities

"Evidence-based quality assessment and resulting improvement in nursing homes relies heavily on administrative and resident assessment data." - Agency for Healthcare Research 


Data & Analytics at Your Fingertips

Accurate Outcome Measures Every Single Time.

Eliminate subjectivity with 3-D motion capture technology that tracks body movement while accurately collecting data in real-time. Measure gait velocity, step length, stride length, sway and other critical gait parameters and compare them with normative data.


The Future of Fall Prevention is Here

Separate Your Community from The Competition.

The shift in healthcare has already started. Only facilities that have outcomes data will grow in the current and future payment form structure. Blue Stone Therapy is the Midwest's leading expert at using and managing this cutting-edge technology.

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